Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Glass Room

A visit to Clifton-on-the-Monocacy. From Chartreuse and Company:
Some live in vintage homes.  Others live in modern ones.  We live in both.

At the same time.

You see, our house has a long architectural history, added to (quite dramatically, I might add) by my grandfather in 1968.  The story of The Glass Room is one of family and architecture and dubious compromises.

In 1968, my grandparents, then in the their 50s, found themselves in the classic tweener generation.  With their sons grown, with children of their own, my grandparents recognized that my grandfather’s parents were in need of assistance.  My great-grandfather, George Leicester Thomas, Sr. was ailing, and my great-grandmother could no longer take care of him herself.  So it was decided they should move in with my grandparents, here at Clifton (our farm’s name is Clifton on the Monocacy).   As great-granddaddy was in a wheelchair, the house, which sits a half-story above ground level, needed to be made accessible.  And additional bathrooms (the house had only one and a half baths) were needed.  I don’t know all the details of the search for the architect, or any of the discussions involved, but somehow the addition you see here was conceived. (Read more.)

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