Saturday, October 8, 2016

People of Faith Are ‘Deplorable’ to the Left

From LifeZette:
“Burn in hell, maggot.”

That vicious comment was directed at me by a listener after I was recently interviewed on a liberal Washington, D.C., talk show....The liberal host, an atheist, responded with sarcasm and contempt at every mention I made about God or morality. When I said the Supreme Court was wrong to redefine marriage (which goes against 2,000 years of Western civilization, not to mention our own national moral foundation), the host accused me of calling for lynchings and the killing of gay people. I have learned in hundreds of media interviews with leftist journalists, as well as interactions with the academic elites of the left, that they — like presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — truly believe people of faith are “deplorable.” Deep down, they find the idea of God and morality deplorable. (Read more.)

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