Monday, June 1, 2015

The Priest and the Soldier

From Nobility:
The priest immediately recommended himself to the protection of God, and tried to make his escape through the sacristy into the garden behind the church.

There two of the soldiers met him; they tried to seize him, but, leaping over the wall, he ran in great haste towards the river about a mile distant. The two soldiers also ran after him.

When the priest came to the banks of the river he looked round, and saw that his enemies were still pursuing him. Without delay he leapt into the water and swam safely to the other side. One of the soldiers attempted to follow him. The priest, seeing this, again began to run, and was soon out of danger.

But as he stopped to rest a little on the top of a hill, he thought he heard cries for help proceeding from the direction of the river. He looked round, and one glance told him all. The soldier who had plunged into the river in pursuit was unable to swim, and was being carried away by the stream. (Read more.)

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