Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dark Countess Proved False

As if we didn't already know. People, however, won't believe anything unless it is confirmed by a DNA test. The odd triangular shape of the tomb is supposed to be a masonic symbol, or so I read once. Via Vive la Reine:
The scientific testing on the remains of the mysterious “Dark Countess” has finally been completed. The testing, which including DNA testing, concluded that the woman was not Marie Thérèse Charlotte, the daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, despite persistent rumors to the contrary.

Her real identity is not yet known, although further research may now be done in an attempt to uncover her real identity.

More information about the scientific research done on the remains and a documentary (in German) can be  viewed at MDR. (Read more.)


Kaitlyn said...

I am glad to see such a ridiculous rumor finally put to rest. Not that there was ever any doubt.

May said...

Good, I'm glad! Marie-Thérèse doesn't need to be further besmirched by these rumors.