Saturday, April 26, 2014

Communist Chic

What? Believe it or not, there is such a thing. I know, it's crazy. From Messy Nessy Chic:
There is a phenomenon that exists called ‘Eastalgia’ (or ostalgie), referring to a wistful longing for the Cold War era, Berlin Wall-separated, Stasi-policed German Democratic Republic of the 1970s and 80s. Seriously. The phenomenon has even spawned a bit of an industry catering to those with strangely fond memories of the short-lived communist state and its long queues for food, intimidating secret police, cheap tin can cars and television with only three government-controlled channels. In Berlin, there is a German Democratic Republic museum where visitors can immerse themselves in the everyday communist culture of ‘the good old days’, several shops also sell nostalgic household objects and consumer products of the GDR, and then of course, taking it one step further, is the Ostel Hostel(Read more.)


Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

Heard some Ossies complain about wages in the "Old East" still being lower than in the West.

The North Coast said...

This only shows you how pernicious nostalgia is. How easily do people idealize a past they could not possibly remember because they weren't even alive then- and how quickly memory fades in the messy present, which always seems more complicated than the world in the rear-view mirror!

When I was growing up, among people born in the Gibson Girl era and who were then pushing the age of 60, my grandmother and aunts would indulge in misty-eyed yearning for "the good old days" when they woke up in a bedroom in rural Kentucky that was 30F and cracked the ice on the wash bowl, and my grandfather, born an urbanite, would reminisce about his mother, the mother of 10 who had to eradicate the rats in the basement of their huge house by literally beating the animals to death, at the hazard of being bit.

Ah, the good old days!! They were awful!