Friday, July 1, 2011

More Portraits Of Madame Royale

 The daughter of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, the heroine of my novel Madame Royale.

(Images from Vive la Reine, HERE, HERE and HERE.) Share


Versailles said...

I don't believe she was a very nice person, at least not as a child. But she is fascinating none the less.

Just because she was the daughter of two people I adore, doesn't mean she was anything like them.

elena maria vidal said...

Even as a child she had a generous helping of the negative traits of her parents without enough of their positive qualities. Being in prison and surviving so many horrors as a teenager did not help her to blossom. She was said to resemble Madame Elizabeth in looks and personality-- same generosity and unwavering devotion to duty and faith as well as the same rigidity in political matters. She really was a fascinating character. You need to read my novel.

Julygirl said...

She was just stoic and meloncholy due to the horrendous events of her early life. Her parents especially her mother had a much happier childhood. No comparison.

tubbs said...

I keep hoping someone will find an old photo or daugretype(sp?) of her even though it would have to be in her final years.
As for her personality, a friend who was a real M.A. fan said that the childrens' governess taught them both to hate their parents, especially their Autri'"chienne" mother. Has anyone else ever heard or read of that?

elena maria vidal said...

Good point, Julygirl!

Tubbs, Simon the cobbler tried to teach the Dauphin to hate his mother. That is all.