Saturday, July 23, 2011

Handshaking Etiquette

From Miss Janice.
 In a social situation when a lady meets a man, the lady has the prerogative to extend her hand or not. The man should wait for the lady to extend her hand first. If she doesn't, then a handshake should not take place.

In business, it's based on military protocol, and gender is not a consideration. The person of higher authority is supposed to extend first. Not everyone in the business community knows that piece of etiquette. Give the person of higher authority a chance to extend first, and if he/she doesn't, then go ahead and extend your hand.

Due to cultural differences, physical capabilities, et cetera, do not insist on shaking someone's hand or make a big deal over it...just exchange greeting gestures politely. (Read entire article.)

I was always told that while gentlemen must remove their gloves ladies were allowed to leave their gloves on but Miss Janice says differently. Share

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Titus said...

Of course, taking etiquette advice from someone still living is like walking through a minefield. Oh, I should write a reply like so if I get an invitation to Steve and Jim's "wedding"? Now where have I put my 1956 Emily Post . . .