Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Medieval Beds

An interesting post from author Joyce Moore. To quote:
In the 14th century, peasants slept on straw mats, covered with anything available, while the rich slept on featherbeds and linen sheets. A nobleman’s bed had canopies with rich hangings, sometimes embroidered with his shield. Beds were a gathering place in wealthy homes, and were used not only for sleeping but to receive guests, who, if very important, might be invited to sleep in the bed, even if they had to share. Thus, beds were the most important piece of furniture, a place to display wealth as evidenced with fine textiles.


Stephanie A. Mann said...

And that practice of receiving guests in bed survived into the eighteenth century, didn't it? The beds of state at Versailles testify to that.

elena maria vidal said...

Very true, Stephanie! Thanks for pointing that out!