Monday, December 13, 2010

The On-going Revolution

I keep finding out more about the bizarre attack on Prince Charles and Camilla. Who was responsible for such a major lapse in security? The Duchess of Cornwall was poked with a stick. More HERE. The British royals are not my favorite among royals (I prefer the Habsburgs) but I hate to see things like this happen.

And the chopping down of the Glastonbury tree really makes me sick. What is wrong with people? Oliver Cromwell tried to destroy the tree, too, but it grew back. Hopefully, the tree will grow again. (More HERE.)

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Christina said...

I am beyond disgusted by those pictures in the Daily Mail article - including that of the hoodlum urinating on Churchill's statue. Did he and the other heroes of WWII really save Britain for this?

It makes me sad to see what a once great nation has come to.

lara77 said...

I also heard that when these hoodlums attacked the Rolls Royce carrying Their Royal Highnesses thay screamed "Off with their heads!" This was so revolting and disgraceful. Do these thugs think the Prince of Wales makes government policy? Do they know the millions of dollars The Prince's Trust distributes every year to charity? The chopping down of that tree in Glastonbury made me want to cry; what savages would destroy nature? A tree with such history? I will never understand people; especially those that relish destruction of property.

elena maria vidal said...

Really. I agree with you both!