Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swedish Royal Wedding

 Today I stumbled quite unintentionally upon the live footage of the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden via a Twitter link to Swedish television. In spite of the grandeur and pomp I felt as if I was privy to a private family event, and a very gracious and welcoming family at that. Most brides sparkle but Princess Victoria has a unique radiance. I could not help remembering that the princess is descended from both Josephine Bonaparte and Désirée Clary, two famously charming ladies. 

The way the ships in the harbor flew their flags, the sailors saluting the new royal couple, as they sailed across the bay on the royal barge, was like a vision from the ancien régime. The banquet following the ceremony was like something from a fairy tale. The wine flowed and there was dancing, both waltzes and folk dances.I lost track of all the courses that were served, but the dishes were exquisite. It was wonderful of the King and Queen and the Swedish people to share their Crown Princess' wedding with the world.

More pictures, HERE, HERE and HERE.

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Julygirl said...

I watched it as well....totally enchanting....from another age! Once I knew more about how they met, I warmed up to the groom.

Alexandra said...

Clary and the Princess Victoria could be sisters. Thanks for sharing!