Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Film on Henri IV

Julianne Douglas of Writing the Renaissance reports:
The sixteenth century is lighting up movie screens, at least across Europe: Henri IV, an epic film by German director Jo Baier about the king who brought the bloody Wars of Religion to a close and reunited a divided France, debuted at the Berlin Film Festival last week. The movie is based on the 1935 novel by Thomas Mann's brother Heinrich Mann and pits the wily Henri against Catherine de Medici, determined to keep her own brood on the throne.


P. M. Doolan said...

Henry IV is my favourite French king. I must see this film.

Tristan Robin said...

Oh, I hope we get it here in New Haven soon! I am looking forward to seeing it - it's a great tale!

Julianne Douglas said...

Thanks for the link, Elena!