Saturday, November 10, 2007

True Love

Long ago in Spain, a young man sacrificed life and love in order to be faithful to his Holy Catholic Faith. He is now a beatified martyr of the Church. Here is the letter he wrote to the girl he loved, while awaiting execution, saying:
Your memory will remain with me to the grave and, as long as the slightest throb stirs my heart, it will beat for love of you. God has deemed fit to sublimate these worldly affections, ennobling them when we love each other in him. Though in my final days, God is my light and what I long for, this does not mean that the recollection of the one dearest to me will not accompany me until the hour of my death.


Anonymous said...

Now THIS is a love story. Putting God before self and one's beautiful. A far cry from that 'Thornbirds' junk. When I hear silly and vapid women oooh and ahh over Ralph and Meggie it makes me ill.

elena maria vidal said...

I agree. But at least in the "Thornbirds" Fr Ralph tried to persevere in the priesthood, in spite of it all.