Thursday, November 22, 2007

St. Cecilia's Punch

At our parties we have often served Saint Cecilia's Punch. It is delightful, but please don't drink and drive!
6 lemons
1 quart brandy
1 pineapple
1-1/2 pounds sugar
1 quart green tea
1 pint heavy rum
1 quart peach brandy
1 gallon champagne
2 quarts carbonated water

Slice lemons thin and cover with brandy. Allow to steep for 24 hours. Several hours before ready to serve, slice the pineapple into the bowl with the lemon slices, then add the sugar, tea, rum, and peach brandy. Stir well. When ready to serve, add the champagne and water. 80-90 servings.



Anonymous said...

This sounds delicious!! I should pay you a visit some time during the holidays!!

We are about to go out to our Thanksgiving dinner as soon as hubby gets out the shower! I hope I can manage to "sneak" a little glass of wine--something not so easy to do among all these teetotlers, but I'll try my darndest, LOL!!

It is almost 8PM here, I know it is still morning there for you, which probably means you are putting the turkey in the oven round about now (assuming you are doing the cooking this year!). I hope your day/dinner is great. Hugs to the family from me and mine!


Terry Nelson said...

Well you obviously know how to party! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to make it for my next party.

elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Georgette, come visit anytime! Someone else cooked this year, I am glad to say.

Ah, yes, Terry!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone!

Yes, alaughland, it is the kind of punch which gets a party rolling....

Forward Boldly said...

Sounds lovely! I don't handle champagne well, so I should probably stick to one cup...

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Yowza! Sounds good and potent.

elena maria vidal said...

It is. Believe me.

Unknown said...

But only 80-90 servings? I thought you were Catholics!

elena maria vidal said...

It's Protestant recipe, I think.