Thursday, November 1, 2007

Democracy in Africa

Why has it failed?
Pure democracy is a system that works well in particular cultures, and not all cultures are equally capable of building harmonious democratic societies.


Anonymous said...

I probably do not have to point this out, but our colonial fathers had a 1000 year history preparing themselves for it dating back to the Magna Carta.

Jeff said...

alaughland is's too soon to judge.

Africans are going through the hugest jump imaginable, straight from tribal socieities into the modern world. It's immensely disruptive and taking place in the context of countries formed artificially, dividing and combining tribes in a crazy quilt.

It used to be commonly said and assumed that Balkan people were wild and impossible to democratize. Also Latin Americans.

Now we aren't so sure.

So, I think we need patience. And we need to remember than opposing gross forms of tyranny is noble. It was noble to oppose the tyranny of Soviet Russia because it was a tyranny. Too many conservatives have learned to affect an indifference to such matters.