Friday, November 23, 2007


Research confirms what most mothers have known all along. (Via Lew Rockwell)
At the age of six months, most babies have barely learnt to sit up, let alone crawl, walk or talk.

But, according to new research, they can already assess someone's intentions towards them, deciding who is a likely friend or enemy.

US scientists believe babies acquire the ability to make social evaluations in the first few months of life.



Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's true-- which is why I can't figure out why babies always make a beeline for me. Gah! ;-) There's a 10-mo. old who comes here rarely, and I neither look nor sound like his Mom or either of his Grandmas, and thus one would think he'd be a little shy or fearful. Well, no.. even if my (more fun) daughter is babysitting him, if he hears me anywhere, he comes a-lookin'! There was one day that I just lovingly rubbed his back for a second as he sat playing -- as we did with our own babes, and do with our grandbabes -- and he threw the toy down and crawled onto me, laying his head on my shoulder. It was so sudden, it astounded me. Either he knows I'm quietly nuts about babies, or I have the Grandma Touch. Either way, more. More, I say!

elena maria vidal said...

That happens to me, too!

Enbrethiliel said...


Well, it never happens to me! =( I just don't have the touch, I guess . . .

elena maria vidal said...

Sometimes things change once someone becomes a parent! ;-)