Saturday, August 23, 2014

Correcting Bad Posture

Good posture is important for one's health in addition to building self-confudence. To quote:

What Are Your Bad Posture Habits?

How do you know what good posture habits to develop if you don't know what bad habits you now have?
My back is slightly too curved in, thus I look a little to slouched. My shoulders tend to be slightly rounded. These two problems affect my walk.
To figure out if you have good posture, take the following posture test.

Good Posture Wall Check

Stand with the back of your head and bottom touching the wall. While doing so, do not push your heels back, let them position naturally.
Then, place your hand between your lower back and the wall, and also between your neck and the wall. If you can get within an inch or two at the low back and two inches at the neck, you are close to having excellent posture. (Read more.)

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