Wednesday, March 26, 2014

St. Joseph and Chastity

A powerful testimony from Joseph Sciambra:
Within purity, the soul takes predominance over the body. In a strange way, it starts to become immaterial, whereas before: I would only associate with those whom I felt at least somewhat sexually drawn. It’s a liberating escape from a form of slavery that keeps us chained to the purely physical. Yet, it is not frigid, constraining, or emasculating. Like the stalwart St. Joseph, freedom and mastery over our bodies creates the fullness of man; a truly masculine person who needs only the Lord to fulfill him. He exudes manly strength everyday by not becoming a weak hostage to his passions. And, herein rests the great Love between Mary and Joseph, who always maintained their separate identities of female and male, because they united themselves with the all-embracing Love of their Son: Jesus Christ. For, by first developing our relationship with Our Lord, only then, are we able to entirely give ourselves to another. Because, as Mary and Joseph exemplified, the virtuous are still fully feminine and masculine, because, through their connection with God, they have reached the highest pinnacle of human development –truly made in the image and likeness of God. (Read more.)

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