Friday, July 6, 2012

Farewell to Mayberry

From Tom Piatak:
Yesterday brought the news of Andy Griffith's death at 86. Unfortunately, the type of television exemplified by The Andy Griffith Show died long before its star did. Long gone are the days when the networks aired prime time series that parents could safely allow their children to watch, much less a prime time in which such shows actually dominated the competition. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a network even making a show like The Andy Griffith Show today. After all, The Andy Griffith Show was wholesome and innocent and completely devoid of vulgarity or sexual immorality or even any topical references to current events, much less propaganda for favored Hollywood causes. There hasn't been a show like that on prime time network television in many years. (Read entire post.)


Young fogey emeritus said...

Andy Griffith seemed to quit his hit show while he was ahead but it was a few years before network TV's big purge of traditional family shows, especially the CBS ones with a country theme. The spinoff 'Mayberry, RFD' may have been a victim. In 1971 lots of people still watched those shows. Things like 'The Beverly Hillbillies' and 'Green Acres'. The networks, especially CBS, decided to preach instead of serve viewers what they wanted so that summer they cancelled all those shows (ABC treated Lawrence Welk the same way) and CBS started cramming Norman Lear's lefty morality plays down people's throats.

julygirl said...

There have continued to be some wholesome programiing through the years, but there is less and less. Some actors such as Andy Griffith always took the high road in all he did.

Alice Seidel said...

Where have the Michael Landon's of this world gone?
I wonder ... if there was such a show as Andy Griffith these days, it may be the biggest hit on TV. People are yearning for goodness.