Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Marie-Antoinette Faces the Mob

On the balcony at Versailles.
It was the daughter of the Caesars who appeared. The noble haughtiness of her brow, the dignity of her bearing, wrung from the crowd a shout of admiration and surprise. Even those who, a moment before, wanted to kill her, joined in the cry. A loud roar of “Long live the Queen!” burst forth. Marie Antoinette was not the dupe of this greeting; she heard the crowd shouting another alarming cry: “To Paris with the King!” and, leaving the balcony, she went up to Madame Necker, and said sadly, “They are going to make the King and me go to Paris, with the heads of our guards carried before us on the ends of their pikes.” (Read entire post.)

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julygirl said...

Her mother, Empress Maria Theresa, did not know that she was sending her beautiful and carefree daughter to a tragic end and eventual death.