Thursday, November 5, 2009

Catholicism and Anglicanism

What are the main differences? Scott Richert explores the topic. Share


Stephanie A. Mann said...

I think the key to understanding the differences between the Church of England and the Catholic Church is to read the 39 Articles. Then you have to reckon with the basic division in the Anglican Communion of how those articles are interpreted: High Church (Anglo-Catholic); Low Church (Evangelical); and Broad Church (Liberal/Latitudinarian). There is no authority in the Anglican Communion to interpret the Articles to develop uniformity and unity, so one party, like the Anglo-Catholics, can emphasize the Real Presence in the Eucharist, while another, like the Evangelicals take a more fundamentalist approach to Scripture, while the Liberals ignore statements of doctrine and emphasize social justice issues. As Venerable John Newman said in the 19th century, it comes down to an issue of authority: who wants my obedience? who will truly guide me?
Here is a link to the Articles:

elena maria vidal said...

Excellent! Thank you, Stephanie!