Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Margaret discusses the quest for order and serenity. She expresses it all so well, saying:
If your house is a mess, it likely means that there is some sort of problem that needs to be addressed. Maybe you are a pack rat. Your husband does not pick up after himself. Perhaps your children are not trained to be responsible for their things. Superfluous possessions are beginning to possess you. Maybe your home is touched by illness or major life change. You don't manage your time wisely. Sentimentality is a burden; not knowing what heirlooms to part with and what ones to keep is daunting. Your computer or television are draining your energy and your time. Organization isn't your strong point. Or, you have succumbed to sloth. If you are unsure where to begin, there are literally thousands of posts online about housekeeping routines, cleaning, organization and decluttering. Whatever the cause of your unkempt home, there are bound to be solutions for your situation. You just have to be willing to make the effort to implement them.

The state of your home and your housekeeping (or lack thereof) is between you and God. You know if you are slothful. You know if you are procrastinating. You know if you have a genuine excuse for a messy house.

The goal should be cleanliness and order, not sterile, stark perfection. A Christian home should feel warm and welcoming - lived in. We are not trying to win 'House Beautiful' awards. Out of respect for God, our families and guests, our homes should be healthfully clean and picked up.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Elena! This is something I really strive for.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Elena! He is Risen! Thank you for your kind words. The beautiful new beginning of Easter and the lovely Spring weather make me want to freshen my home even more. My husband and I plan to do some serious decluttering this weekend!

Alexandra said...

Well said! I shoot for clean and picked up. I do have a little House Beautiful going on in the background though(giggle)...just a bit. Life is too short to spend your days dusting, so I keep it to a minimum.

Happy Easter!

LadySadge said...

I LOVE this post. It made me stop and think and realize how much clutter I have in my house. In fact, I think that's what stopping me from having a cleaner house. I think the next time Big Brothers/Big Sisters comes around solicting for donated goods, I'll have a bunch of stuff to give them.