Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Be a Modern Knight

Protect your Lady. To quote:

19148pstr Be a Modern Knight: Protecting Your Lady in the 21st CenturyAlthough the gender lines in this modern age have become increasingly blurred, there is one male/female disparity that even the most ardent feminist cannot deny: men are physically stronger than women. As such, they have from the inception of the human race been called upon to be the community’s warriors, knights, and soldiers. Fending off would-be attackers and predators, these men took seriously the charge to protect and keep safe the women and children.

Of course these days, the danger of marauding enemies or ferocious beasts has all but waned. Sure, a man must be ready to protect his home should a villain invade it or protect his lady in a street fight. But the days of men universally being both citizen and solider have passed. Yet a man’s role in protecting the women in his life has not ceased. While men are no longer called to be warriors against physical attack, we now have the duty to protect our women from emotional harm, to keep safe the hearts and esteem of the ladies in our lives.



Brantigny said...

Elena-Maria, an honourable gentelman shoud never suffer a wound (phsycal or verbal) to any woman, even if they are not friends. What grace does a knight receive if he only acts manly to those that he likes? It pains me to hear the young men in my charge who are so rude to the women around them.

It is just as bad when a man makes remarks ambigiousely to claim inculpability for it. Moral cowardace.

de Brantigny

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, indeed. Spoken like a true gentleman.

Marianna Bartold said...

Dear Elena:

The artistry is lovely - something I will share with our daughter who is now a beautiful young lady - and the thoughts you express are (as always) profound.

Btw, I also wanted to let you know that I appreciate the link to the Keeping It Catholic website. Your novels furthered my homeschooled childrens' grasp of the "Catholic conscience of history," and they are also recommended "Catholic living books" in my newest work, "The Age of Mary" Catholic, Internet-based Guides.

Incidentally, I have returned your most gracious favor and placed "Tea at Trianon" on the (newer) Keeping It Catholic - The Blog! And may I close by saying I am honored to be acquainted with you.

In the love of Christ and His Virgin Mother,
Marianna Bartold

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you so much for including my books and blog in your work, Marianna. I am so glad that your children enjoyed the novels. The honor is all mine.

Marianna Bartold said...

Dear Elena:

Your novels and your blog are treasures. We are not only members of the Mutual Admiration Society but also kindred spirits. :)

May God bless you and yours always,
Marianna Bartold

elena maria vidal said...

And God bless you and yours, Marianna.

Tancred said...

A lovely post.