Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Confessions of a Traditional Catholic

Yes, I was indeed trying to take a blog break. But this is a particularly good article, which explores the struggles and misunderstandings faced by those Catholics who love the traditional liturgy. It is amazing how many young people have fallen in love with the Latin Mass. How wise of Pope Benedict to make the Gregorian (Tridentine) rite more accessible to all. I grew up in the charismatic movement, with guitar and folk Masses, and so the beauty of the old Mass was a wonder to me, truly an amazing grace. When we lived in Pittsburgh, we went to the Latin Mass every Sunday. I look forward to the day when the traditional Latin Mass becomes more available where we live now. To quote from the article:
Just because I have a profound love and respect for -- and even a belief in the superiority of -- older liturgical and sacramental forms does not mean that I am an unreasonable malcontent oozing acid from every pore. I am first and foremost a Catholic, and I detest even needing to wear a label to distinguish myself. Unfortunately, I must, for it is still an uncommon thing among Catholics to venerate many of the traditions that I hold dear.

I totally agree.