Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Music for the Queen

Marie-Antoinette still inspires after so many years.

Also from Catherine Delors, a revolutionary portrait. Share


Terry Nelson said...

Last night I watch a PBS documentary on her life - I wonder if you ever saw it. The said much of the bad things said about her life were false, but a couple of the people interviewed seemed to not admire her. One woman kept pointing out she committed treason, which definitely revealed her perspective on the monarchy.

They did describe the horrors of the revolution quite well however. To think we are still reaping that legacy! Although, considering the duration of human history, the revolution is only a few decades old.

elena maria vidal said...

I have seen it. It was alright, but not great. There was an A&E Biography that came out about 15 years ago that was much, much better. From the point of view of Marie-Antoinette, the traitors were those who had taken over the government and plunged France into chaos.

Terry Nelson said...

That was definitely my conclusion as well - the traitors were the revolutionaries - the Queen was the patriot. Everything has been upside down since.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes. Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette did what they thought was best for the France at the time.