Thursday, February 13, 2020

Why Impeachment Failed

From The National Review:
While people were still scratching their heads over all of that, the Democrats then suddenly decided to back off the bribery charge altogether, as their evidence didn’t meet the standard for bribery under U.S. law. Instead, they voted to impeach the president for (1) abuse of power on the basis of “almost bribery” and (2) obstruction of Congress for asserting executive privileges that any president would have asserted, and which were so compelling that the Democrats were afraid to challenge them in court.
The House thus sent to the Senate two articles of impeachment that struck many Republican senators as an abject failure to prove any sort of impeachable offense. The general impression among Republicans, quite apart from what they might think of the president personally, was that the Democrats were turning the whole impeachment proceeding into a circus in which the chief entertainment was their own incompetence and mendacity.
You could agree with their argument only if you already believed that the president’s conduct was impeachable before hearing any of the evidence. And there was only one Republican senator in that camp — Mitt Romney, the last remaining champion of your grandfather’s Republican Party. Even he voted against the Democrats’ absolutely preposterous obstruction-of-Congress charge.
At this point, thinking people on the Democratic side should have perceived the fatal weakness of their argument, namely that it presupposed the very proposition to be proved. Amazingly, however, there has been almost no self-reflection on their side. They appear to have collectively dismissed even the possibility that their failure to remove the president was due to the weakness of their case. Instead, Democrats are now saying that if you found their case for impeachment unconvincing, you must not have any standards and would let the president get away with anything. One’s spirits sink. The assertion is so wrong at so many levels, one knows not where to begin to set them right. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

When a group believes that only they have the right to be right, then here is nothing left for the rest of us but to be eternally wrong. However, since we 'Deplorables' are not as dumb as they want to believe, we cannot be manipulated in that way. Actually, some rich old white guy land owners way back when came up with the concept of rights in the first place. In truth nothing and no one on this planet have the right to anything. From the lowest weed to the most majestic tree, from the lowest life form to the most brilliant life form, each must scramble and scrabble to survive. The first life form on this planet was not given the right to survive. So, 'Rights' are a made up concept and Democrats, Republicans, etc. etc., have no 'right' to shove their 'rights' down our throats.