Monday, February 3, 2020

The Howard Tombs at Framlingham

My ancestors. From The Tudor Travel Guide:
Well, the Howards, also known as the Dukes of Norfolk, originally came from North Norfolk near to King’s Lynn. John Howard was a lawyer. It’s been said that the way to the top in Tudor times was by law, marriage and warfare and the Howards excelled in all those departments, particularly in marriage!

John Howard became associated with the Mowbrays, who lived at Framlingham Castle. The grandfather of the first Howard Duke of Norfolk married one of the Mowbrays. That was how they became associated with the Dukedom. John Howard, the first Duke of Norfolk that we’re interested in, was granted the Dukedom of Norfolk by Richard III. He fought alongside Richard at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Unfortunately, the first Duke was slain during the ensuing skirmish. Subsequently, he was buried at Thetford Priory, the then Howard mausoleum. This was, of course, eventually moved here, to Framlingham, after the Dissolution of the Monasteries. That’s how the Howard tombs of the Dukes of Norfolk came to Framlingham. (Read more.)

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