Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Left Is Using Social Media To Change History

From The Daily Wire:
Yesterday, I played this clip of an abortion radical saying that having a baby is doing violence to the mother's body. So, we have to commit violence against that, we have to kill it. That's why abortion is justifiable. Obviously, kind of a kook. But it sums up the Left's attitude, doesn't it? This terrible stuff is happening. They're so oppressed, so they're justifying oppressing others. They're justified in shouting you down on campus because your speech is violence. It's all in their imagination, but it justifies the terrible things they're doing. 
You know we talked about that New York Times piece yesterday about silencing people on YouTube because they're radicalizing people, and they found a guy who was so radicalized he actually dated a religious woman. That's how radicalized he was. I mean that was really what it was. He never bought into the crazy theories about white supremacy. Never went into any of that. But he dated an evangelical Christian and that was what made him radical and that's why we should knock all these people off YouTube and deplatform them. 
It's all about the fact that they own the media. They own the entertainment media and they own the news media, and then the Democrats send out their talking points and those become A) the news and then B) history. (Read more.)

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