Monday, January 7, 2019

The Globalist Agenda

From FPM:
Mainstream media is primarily Left-leaning and partisan at best, an activist at worst. The globalist, no-borders agenda is the political priority of Democrats. The Left-leaning media feasts on anti-Trump rhetoric to disparage and malign him in the eyes of the general population. Nothing is worse than an uncaring, inhumane bigot who doesn't care about children dying. So, portraying Trump as "bigoted", "racist", "nationalist", "uncaring" in his opposition to illegal immigration is the worse. Holding the illegal migrants accountable is contrary to the open-door mission.

The mainstream media will not inform about any facts that may sway public opinion away from the Democrat agenda. The recklessness in reporting real news is even immoral. The obsession of the media is "Russian collusion" when it comes to Trump when there is no evidence of such. The Caravan's violation of American sovereign borders is a crisis, however. The right of Americans to know who is entering their borders, investigations of the political power brokers who are driving illegal immigration activism-and the real victims that stand to lose big from that drive-are important for mainstream media to be focussing on. 
But, children being used as human shields to cross the border illegally is not expedient to report about widely. Imagine, throwing rocks at border agents while using women and children as human shields being pushed out in front as they attacked authorities. This is monstrous, but to advance a no-border agenda, it is the Border Patrol agents who are doing their jobs to protect America and uphold the law that is being portrayed in the media as Boogeymen. (Read more.)

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