Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Five Sublime, Effective and Simple Resolutions for the New Year

From Return to Order:
One concrete resolution would be to set aside time to study, read, walk, converse or pray—again if only for fifteen minutes. When you develop habits like these, it has the effect of putting life in order.
  1. A third resolution would be to find ways to seek after sublime things. Sublime things are those that by their excellence cause us to be overawed by their magnificence, grandeur and marvelousness. This can be done by developing skills of appreciation for the truly awe-inspiring things in life.
One concrete resolution would be to take some time each day—even if it be only fifteen minutes—to develop an artistic skill like playing an instrument, painting pictures, writing or even cooking. Such a resolution will help you expand your horizons and look beyond yourself. (Read more.)

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