Sunday, July 8, 2018

Anti-Trumpers Need to Get Out More

Yep. From Townhall:
It’s an important lesson. With the election of Donald Trump many liberals have dumped parents, siblings, friends and colleagues for the sole reason that they supported Trump. It’s horrible and hurtful and unfair. It’s really deplorable. And the dumping didn’t happen after a sober, civil, considered conversation or debate. It’s a summary judgement. I recently met a lovely man in Northern California, whose grown children haven't spoken to him in over a year. He writes, sends messages of love and concern and his adult daughters won’t write back. They didn't even have a fight, they just stopped talking to him. He is heartbroken. 

It’s happened to me. I wasn’t even a full-on Trump supporter when an Italian friend who I had shared an apartment with 30 years ago sent me a message out of the blue telling me we were done, she couldn't be friends with me anymore because of Trump. Apparently I had posted something on Facebook that was not sufficiently anti-Trump and she didn’t want a discussion, she was done. She's not the only one. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

Trump supporters voted for him because he committed to enforcing immigration laws, get American businesses back into this country, and listen to the forgotten working class Americans. Trump supporters also know he is not racist or homophobic and they are aware of the twisted reporting by the "mainstream" media. It is unfortunate that Trump haters do not make it their business to dig deeper into the inflammatory accusations made against him. For example the statement about "asylum seekers children being ripped from their arms" when in fact they are people who crossed the border illegally instead of going through the ports of entry the same as all the other people crossing into out southern borders. Immigration authorities did not want to place children into jail cells. (Photos of children behind wire fences were from the Obama administration.) Dealing with immigration costs 12 billion a year which are funds that could be available to our own domestic issues. Another example is the statement attributed to the President that Mexicans are rapist. I happened to be listening to the speech where he is said to have used that terminology and I know that what he was referring to are statistics showing the percentage of crime committed by ILLEGAL immigrants. He never said "Mexicans are rapists". Many of the accusations against President Trump could also be made against his predecessors if his detractors took the time to view past speeches made by former President Clinton and Obama that have been aired by other news channels more interested in less inflammatory reporting. Also the so called Muslim Ban included countries who had perpetrated terrorists attacks against our country and had already been placed on a list created during the Obama administration. President Trump added only one more country and that was Iran. There are many other Muslim countries, some in Africa and some in Southeast Asia, that are not on that list, so the inflammatory use of the term Muslim ban is wrong.