Thursday, May 3, 2018

Trump's Accomplishments Must Not Be Overlooked

From Townhall:
As an election-era 'Never Trumper,' which I've explained in detail here, I believe that the most responsible way for me to judge his presidency is on a fair-minded, piecemeal basis.  When he's wrong or reckless, I say so.  When he's doing well, I say so.  I see no point or value in sticking to a single narrative by pretending that his good actions somehow aren't praiseworthy, or that his defects don't exist.  Some Trump-skeptical conservatives seem so invested in criticizing him that they're either blinded to some of the huge accomplishments playing out before their eyes, or they're allowing the other drama -- both legitimate and exaggerated -- to drown out the wins.  This is a mistake.  For all his manifest character flaws, ideological heresies and frustrating indiscipline, President Trump is in the process of notching a series of substantial victories for the conservative movement and for America.  Within the last few days, we've seen the fruits of those efforts on three crucial fronts.  (1) The US economy is strong and growing. (Read more.)
And from Business Insider:
 North Korea has released three US citizens detained there, the Financial Times reported Wednesday, citing a South Korean activist who campaigns for the release of detainees. The releases would meet some of the US's demands for North Korea to demonstrate sincerity before a historic meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — something that John Bolton, Trump's hawkish national security adviser, reiterated during an interview on Fox News on Sunday. The three citizens— Kim Dong-chul, Kim Sang-duk, and Kim Hak-song — have been released from a labor camp and given health treatment and ideological education in Pyongyang, the Financial Times report said. (Read more.) 
Furthermore, it has been repeatedly proven that there was no Trump-Russian collusion. However, damage has been done. From The Hill:
As succinctly as possible, these are the facts:

The Trump campaign never colluded with Moscow. However, Moscow inserted its lies into documents paid for by the other campaign during a presidential  election. That propaganda was used to justify spying on Americans. Illegally. And a serving director of U.S. intelligence helped to make Russian propaganda look real as he leaked the fact that it had been briefed to the newly elected president to the media company that would later hire him. To that end, Vladimir Putin, the former KGB colonel, with the help of James Clapper, Jim Comey, members of the media and other Americans, achieved his goal: to “sow discord in American society and undermine our faith in the democratic process.” (Read more.)

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