Monday, August 14, 2017

The Z

From Southern Lady:
Annie Zeleskey, who opened The Z last fall with older sister Brittany, recalls, “Growing up, we would always stay at B&B’s, and I loved how cozy and how personal they were.” So as she finished her last semester in the hospitality management program at the University of Mississippi, she hatched a plan with Brittany, who was completing her master’s in accounting that same May: Rather than return to their home state of Texas and the potential corporate careers awaiting them there, the pair would stay in Oxford to pursue their retirement dream, a bed-and-breakfast, several decades early.
From the inviting porch swings out front to the sweet tea with fresh mint served at check-in, Annie and Brittany have turned their college-town cottage into a gracious Southern getaway. Their interior designer mother, Kelley Zeleskey, helped shape The Z’s identity with French country–chic décor and lavish appointments in the three guest rooms, named Live, Love, and Laugh. Then Mary Ann Mewbourn, their grandmother and an expert seamstress, contributed her talents to make the bedspreads, pillows, hand towels, and most of the curtains. “It’s nice to be able to say my grandmother made those,” says Annie, beaming. I feel that it adds a special charm.” (Read more.)

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