Friday, August 18, 2017

Next: Banning Our Founding Fathers?

From The Federalist Papers:
This is an incredibly slippery slope. All of America’s Founding Fathers were imperfect men. Most were slave-owners, and I have no doubt others were genuine scoundrels. But we owe them a debt of gratitude no matter what sins they may have committed. As Jay Cost writes: “If I contract somebody to paint my house, and I find out later that he is an adulterer, does that excuse me from paying what I owe? Of course not. By the same token, my debt for the painting does not oblige me to act as though he did not wrong his spouse.”
So it goes with the Founders who owned slaves: We should appreciate them for their endeavors, for our lives are manifestly better because of their struggles, but honoring them does not require us to ignore or excuse their errors. Madison’s home Montpelier, for example, just opened an exhibition, “The Mere Distinction of Colour,” exploring slavery at the plantation.
Wiping out America’s history because there are parts of it that are unsettling or unappealing is a leftist way of trying to re-write what this country was founded upon. If you can depict America’s founders as malevolent, evil men, you can paint the entire nation that way. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

It is all part of creating guilt and destroying the sense of Nationalism for our great country. Obama gave the radical Left carte blanch to do this. We have all failed in many ways, personally and as a country, that is part of the human condition, but we must move ahead and be better for it. It does not accomplish anything positive to consequently subject the collective thinking to past discretions and wrong choices made by our ancestors. Even victims victimize others.