Sunday, August 6, 2017

Liberal Science

From Matt Walsh:
I have a headache just from writing that last paragraph. I need a nap and a shower and a rocket ship to a planet in a distant galaxy. But this is what the Left calls “science.” And the “science” at work in the pregnant man story is even more perverse than it first appears. Just think about it: In the Left’s version of things, a woman with a baby in her womb is a man, but the baby in the womb isn’t a person. All it takes for the woman to be a man, despite lacking every physical qualifier, is that she wants to be one. But the baby, despite having every physical qualifier necessary to be a human, still does not get to be one. That’s how we end up with a “man” carrying around in “his” womb a mass of magical tissue which will become a person at some undetermined point through some process nobody can explain. She’s a man even though she’s a woman, and she gave birth to a person who wasn’t a person until he was born, even though he’s the same person after birth that he was before. (Read more.)

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