Monday, February 8, 2016

The Mysterious Quality of the Eighteenth Century

From The Paris Apartment:
There’s always been a mysterious quality to the 1700s, at least for me. How did these women come up with what is still considered the essence of chic right out of thin air? Of course it was not only women but I’m sure they were directing the men in terms of shapes, color and proportion of everything from fashion to furniture....There was a sort of whimsy, a playful frivolity and innocence that no other time before or since has captured. (Read more.)



julygirl said...

Women were not necessarily directing men, there were men who were designers and decorators who were quite adept at what they did.

elena maria vidal said...

True but I think she means women like Marie-Antoinette who gave specific directions to her craftsmen for what she wanted.