Saturday, October 17, 2015

News Alert

Nothing that happens at the synod is going to change a single teaching of Christ or of His Church. It is beyond the power of any synod or even of any pope to do so. It is certainly not going to alter what I believe in. And as for those who think His Holiness is evil and a false prophet, then let us keep in mind that the Church has survived bad popes and even popes who were pro-Arian. My ancestors survived the penal times and worse than that I have survived decades of corrupt clergy and the so-called renewal. If we believe that we live in the grace and glory of the Risen Christ, then what is there to fear? And besides that, Our Lady is Our Mother. There is nothing to fear. Not even death.

In the words of Benedict XVI, the Pope Emeritus:
The Pope is not an absolute monarch whose thoughts and desires are law. On the contrary: the Pope’s ministry is a guarantee of obedience to Christ and to his Word. He must not proclaim his own ideas, but rather constantly bind himself and the Church to obedience to God’s Word, in the face of every attempt to adapt it or water it down, and every form of opportunism.[…] The Pope knows that in his important decisions, he is bound to the great community of faith of all times, to the binding interpretations that have developed throughout the Church’s pilgrimage. Thus, his power is not being above, but at the service of, the Word of God. It is incumbent upon him to ensure that this Word continues to be present in its greatness and to resound in its purity, so that it is not torn to pieces by continuous changes in usage.
(Pope Benedict XVI, Mass of Investiture, 7 May 2005)


bill bannon said...

Did you read the ny times piece today? It would seem you did.

elena maria vidal said...

I did not read it; I rarely read the New York Times. But thank you for the link. This blog post is actually taken from something I wrote last night on my Facebook page.