Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ignoring the Synod

I think it is best to ignore it for my own peace of mind. It is not going to change what I believe. From A Conservative Blog for Peace:
It doesn't matter. Nothing, nobody, can change the teachings of the church. To make a big to-do about the Synod is to buy into the idea they can. Which of course is what the secular world, and even some "conservative" pundits who've left the church, want you to think. Some churchmen don't believe the teachings. That's not news. In a way the argument among clerics is a repeat of Catholicism vs. Protestantism: through the church, God offers transforming grace right now, through the sacraments, not tokens but actually doing what they signify, and its infallible teaching voice; Protestants believe Jesus's saving work was all in the past so he just covers up your sins, so sure, give Communion to the divorced and remarried (implied: the sacraments are only tokens, and the church is changeable by vote). By the way, hooray for the Ukrainian major archbishop (head of the biggest Eastern Catholic church, a patriarch in all but name; my first traditional Catholic Mass in person was Ukrainian, 30 years ago) and Melkite patriarch for defending the faith on divorce and remarriage to their brother bishops; logically, the few "Orthodox in communion with Rome," mostly an online phenomenon, should change their minds or leave the church (a lot of them do). (Read more.)

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Dymphna said...

I've decided to ignore it. The pope may tell us that the moon is green tomorrow and I will go on being Catholic. The people who will suffer immediately will be our priests who will be forced to go along with whatever garbage comes out of the synod.