Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Book-signing for St. Patrick's Day

Come see me at the News Center! From the Star-Democrat:
Talbot County author Elena Maria Vidal will be signing her critically acclaimed novel The Paradise Tree at the News Center in Easton. The novel is the story of Irish immigrants who endure many hardships to start a new life in North America. It is based upon stories of the author's own relatives. The Paradise Tree was listed among the 100 Best Books of 2014 by Kirkus Reviews. It is Vidal's fourth historical novel. (Read more.)
"The Paradise Tree does what good novels should. It tells us a story, it shows us what it means to be human—replete with the triumphs, sadness, and conflicts entailed in being human—while whisking us away to another world that is not our own." The Portland Book Review

"An imaginative, meticulously told history that will especially appeal to those with Irish roots." Kirkus Reviews



Stephen Lowe said...

I hope it is well attended and there is no trace of snow!

julygirl said...

Good luck, God Bless!