Sunday, August 7, 2011

Public School Abstinence Programs

What is missing? Author Genevieve Kineke explores the question.
It must be noted from the outset that the schools’ primary goal is to reduce what they see as a civic annoyance: children giving birth to children. Their mission is to educate the young and to set them up for success in this world, and unplanned pregnancies introduce a host of complications into their already difficult task. Thus, statistical outcomes drive policy, and the tidy work of eliminating these distractions leads them to entirely superficial solutions. If they can kick the can further down the street, so to speak, and delay the natural outcome of sexual intimacy until after graduation, then they will have accomplished their immediate mission. At this point, education in virtue, or the larger questions of morality and sexual ethics have no place in the public schools. (Read entire article.)


Divine Theatre said...

Do the secular humanists that teach in public schools have a better outcome? I think not.
Nonetheless, it is not the job of a government led school to teach morals to students. That will always be the job of the parents.
Alas! With more and more people choosing to remain unmarried and live on the public dole who WILL get through to our children?
Perhaps in the long term we can end the entitlement programs that encourage unmarried people to breed like rats?

elena maria vidal said...

Great points!