Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lady Queen Anne

Tragic. Just like all the other Stuarts.
Anne's marriage to Prince George of Denmark, a Lutheran, had resulted in 18 pregnancies, 13 miscarriages and still births, and four babies who died before they were two years old! Their only surviving child, William the Duke of Gloucester had died in 1700 when he was eleven years old. What a load of sorrows to bear! (Read entire post.)
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From an old nursery rhyme:
Lady Queen Anne she sits in the sun,
As fair as a lily, as white as a swan;
Come taste my lily, come smell my rose,
Which of my maidens do you choose?
The ball is ours and none of yours,
Go to the wood and gather flowers.
Cats and kittens now stay within,
While we young maidens walk out and in.


Stephanie A. Mann said...

Thank you very much for the link! I realized after posting about Anne a few times that I have never even mentioned her relationship with the Marlboroughs. It is off my topic and focus, but Anne's strange friendship with Sarah and the benefits John Churchill received from it, fascinate many. Didn't Anne and Sarah call each other "common" names rather than "Your Highness" or "Your ladyship"?

elena maria vidal said...

They called each other "Mrs. Morley" (Anne) and "Mrs. Freeman" (Sarah). Anne lost her mother at a young age and then grew up in various different households. She and Sarah were close from childhood and Sarah filled the emotional vacuum for Anne in many ways. Growing up the way she did (and Mary, too) made it easier to turn so callously on her father.

Jack B. said...

James II was never a particularly likeable man but I will never understand Anne's treatment of her infant brother (especially since it was SHE who was the main instigator of the rumor that James Edward was not legitimate and she was the one who convinced Mary of it as well). The fact that James E was the spitting image of her father and this became more apparent as he aged - and yet she always denied him to her dying breath. She also never even acknowledged the birth (or death) of her half-sister Louise (whose birth nobody questioned).

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, Anne was deeply prejudiced against her father's second family. It is very sad.