Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jessamyn West on Housework

Making something beautiful.
West replied, "I don't tie them to either one. I had a sister, and I think a writer would be lucky if she could be born this way, who didn't give a damn if things are in a wild clutter. She wouldn't have been bothered if there were a pair of shoes on the mantle, but as it happens, I am not that way. I wouldn't feel happy writing until I took the shoes off the mantle and put them down where I thought they belonged. That is just a piece of my temperament. I don't understand the house not being orderly, because that's like painting a picture. It's making something beautiful. That is what I feel about straightening a house." (Read entire post.)

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Julygirl said...

Yes, I agree. Ones home should be beautiful and orderly but many of the smallest family members have other ideas. I grew up in a very neat and orderly home, but chaos and disarray seem to reign in my home.