Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Queen's Boudoir

How to imitate Marie-Antoinette's decor. It can be done, according to Classical Addiction:
To create the pearl background for the wall panels I recommend Blue Pearl Paste in ”Pearl” which is manufactured by Blue Pearl Paint.  It is available online from Metallic Mart.  As the name implies it is a paste and is troweled on.  I suggest using a base paint color in either a metallic cream tone using Modern Masters Champagne or silver or gold as your base. Modern Masters is a good choice for silver and gold as well. Then apply at least 2 thin coats of the Pearl Paste to achieve a smooth pearlescent shimmer.  Modern Masters is available in many paint stores, particularly those which offer faux finishing supplies.  Always make a sample which you can put up in the room and view at different times of day to see how the colors are affected by the light.

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