Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Last Portrait of Marie-Antoinette

The subject of many portraits during her lifetime, the Queen of France was sketched during her last moments by Jacques-Louis David. Some say the sketch is more of a caricature than an accurate depiction, in that David might have made the Queen look worse in order to mock her.



Gabriela Delworth said...


For sure, Marie was stunning! This drawing doesn't look like her at all...

~ Gabriela ~

The North Coast said...

I've always hated this drawing, while I've admired other work this artist has done. It's a vicious caricature, done by an artist who was notorious for voting for the death of Louis XVI and detested the monarchy.

I'm sure Marie Antoinette was prematurely aged when she came to the scaffold, for she was very ill by that time and likely would have passed on a few months anyway, but she was never anywhere near being ugly.

Julygirl said...

Definitely a caricature. He ws not a fan of the monoarchy.

lara77 said...

Jacques Louis David was a pompous painter who obviously had no love for the Queen or the King. I think of his coronation of Bonaparte; such pretentiousness on a vast scale. All the artist did was show his hatred of Marie Antoinette. He truly was a small man.

elena maria vidal said...

Was it Naploeon who described David as having the "soul of a lackey"?

Leonard Greco said...

This drawing has long hurt my heart.
Whatever David felt about the regime, to lose a sense of empathy, to so harshly depict this painful moment, this pains me ; David was a gifted painter, bit his soul was hard.
God bless the Queen, for though this is a caricature, her dignity shines through.
If I faced such terror I can only hope to have a fraction of her composure.
Recquiscat in pace MA