Saturday, May 7, 2011

The King's Sister

Author Leah Marie Brown shares some details about the slain Madame Elisabeth of France.
Marie Antoinette asked Élisabeth to look after Madame Royale's religious and moral upbringing.  Later in her life, Marie Antoinette's daughter was often praised for her strength  and admirable character.  Élisabeth deserves some of the credit in the development of her niece's fortitude and attitude.


lara77 said...

I have always thought that the murder of Madame Elizabeth showcased the depravity and evil of the French Republic. What threat did this innocent and good Christian woman represent to the republic? Her Royal Highness was sister to the King; she had no say in policy. It was the systematic and depraved intentions of an evil cabal to remove any connections to the King, the Church and the monarchy. Surely, Madame Elizabeth walked in goodness all the days of her too short life.

elena maria vidal said...

Lara, I think Madame Elizabeth was so hated by her enemies for the very reasons you stated. And also, Madame Elisabeth made no bones about the fact that she thought the Revolution was evil. The princess thought the King and Queen were being too lenient in trying to work things out politically. Madame Elisabeth thought the only way was for foreign troops and the emigres to help them by putting down the Revolution with the sword. But Louis was trying to avoid civil war, remembering that in the case of Charles I it was to no avail.

lara77 said...

How ironic that Louis XVI and Charles I both died. They should have switched places. Louis XVI would have conceded to the Parliamentarians and maybe avoided Civil War and Cromwell. Charles would have fought the revolutionaries to the end with sword in hand. Who knows? What is factual is Louis XVI loved his people and wanted no bloodshed. Charles I wanted to win at all costs.