Friday, May 20, 2011

A History of Hats

Why people wore them and why we don't anymore. (Via Beaux Mondes Designs)
Humans have covered their heads since time immemorial.  Initially headwear offered protection from the elements and from injury from falling rocks, weapons or masonry.  Later head coverings became symbols of status of authority.  Soon after hats progressed to become not only a uniform, but also an art form.

In fashion terms, hats are a very noticeable accessory because the onlooker’s attention is first drawn to the face. A hat is the most noticeable fashion item anyone can wear.  The old saying goes 'if you want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat'.  Indeed the word 'ahead' means just that one head further forward.

Since some body heat is lost through the head, in inclement conditions it is important to cover the head. Babies in particular lose heat rapidly through the head, thus ensuring a baby or toddler has a warm covered head in winter is important. (Read More.)


Dymphna said...

I wear the occasional hat to church. Not nearly as nice as the ones my mom used to wear, but hats nevertheless.

elena maria vidal said...

I love hats.

Julygirl said...

It was no fun being stuck behind someone with a hat while at a theater. I love hats but never liked wearing one myself.