Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tea Towels

My friend Karen has simple instructions on how to make the lovely tea towels, placemats and napkins. Share


Lindsay said...

Thanks for sharing! I have those very towels, and the idea to add a motif is just perfect!

elena maria vidal said...

Karen has loads of creative ideas. Things I would never think of in a million years.

SF said...

I love those! And, she's right, the real ones are expensive.
I'm going to try this.
Thanks for the link, Elena!

tubbs said...

Reminds me of my german grandmother, who used grain sacks for everything. I especially remember the pillows on my parents' bed ( wedding gift from her ) stuffed with goose down. Those pillows held up for oveer thirty years!

But ladies, I've always wanted to know, WHAT THE H$%# IS A TEA-TOWEL?

elena maria vidal said...

You are welcome, Susan.

Tubbs, they are just dish towels but a little nicer, and better for company.

Georgette said...

What a clever idea--and so simple!! I really want to do this. I am thinking the same technique could be used for applique of any graphic onto any fabric item. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for posting this :)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

These look terrific.

Another idea: I have put tea towels through the computer and printed graphics of crowns on them.

All you have to do is iron your fabric to a piece of freezer paper, and it will feed right through your computer.

Of course, you have to use Dura Brite (or some other dye-based) ink, or it will wash out.

elena maria vidal said...

You are welcome, Gette!

Thank you, Tristan, that is so brilliant and yet it sounds simple to create!