Friday, April 3, 2009

La Jeune fille à marier

Edwardian Promenade describes what it was like to be a young lady of a marriageable age in former times.
A young woman’s entrance into society marked a time of transition. There was no concept of “adolescence” at the time: a female was either a child or a woman, and her treatment and behavior was precisely dictated and delineated for the sole purpose of creating a perfect “wife.” This was a time where perhaps they were to meet gentlemen on equal footing for the first time, and indeed, a few girls–the aforementioned Tennant family, of whom Margot was the ultimate exception–thrived within this mold, and others languished. But it was an interesting time for these young women: once they put up their hair, they were expected to be “adults” and were immediately accorded the respect of an adult despite possibly having been horsing around in the nursery with younger siblings just the week before her debut!

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Ms. Lucy said...

Hi "Elena:) Well, one positive way of looking at it is that they skipped that whole confusing, restless and difficult age, I suppose. Sometimes I wonder...:)