Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Here is some historical background on the pagan plant which has long been pleasantly associated with Christmas.
In Greek mythology, Persephone unlocked the gates to the underworld with a wand of mistletoe. The ancient druids venerated mistletoe for its powers and held that when the plant was growing on oak trees, as opposed to apple, it was particularly sacred. The tradition of kissing beneath it, based loosely on Celtic lore, became popular in the 19th century along with other yuletide rituals.

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Anonymous said...

You always find the most timely articles--and always with beautiful artwork!

btw, I finally started reading The NIght's Dark Shade. Lovin' it so far!! :-D

elena maria vidal said...

Well, thank you, Gette. So glad you are enjoying the book. You'll have to write a review when you're done!