Sunday, August 11, 2019

What Comes After

I once would have not believed this but now I know it is true. From TFP:
The Sexual Revolution must be understood as a process, or else it becomes incomprehensible. Those who promote it will never be satisfied with its present phase. They will always be pushing the envelope to the next new aberration. Few people ask, however, what the next new sexual frontier will be. No one should be shocked at what will come next. Nothing should be ruled out. The only exception to this rule is a return to chastity and modesty. Such moral practices are deemed impossible to practice—even though they were observed for centuries during the times of Christian civilization.

Two things are certain. There will be new behavior, and its introduction will be gradual. This revolution always progresses only to the extent that it finds acceptance by society. It thrives by wearing down the resistance of moral structures, habits and practices. It finally seeks to give each new phase the protection of the law. When one aberration is accepted, everyone thinks there will be no further developments. However, this lie is soon unmasked when the next phase is proposed. (Read more.)


julygirl said...

Did the participants at the rainy, muddy, muck of "Woodstock" foresee the sexual revolution evolving into men identifying as women, forcing themselves into women's athletics, entering Women's toilet facilities, denying gender differences and terminology, or females identifying as male usurping male locker rooms, etc.?

elena maria vidal said...

Julygirl, I doubt that anyone could have predicted the madness we must endure.