Wednesday, August 21, 2019

No Parish for Real Men

From Crisis:
Two years after the USCCB convocation and one year after the homosexual sex abuse scandal, the Church is doubling down on feminization. Cardinal Reinhard Marx of the nearly defunct German Catholic Church wonders if lay people should be allowed to preach at Mass – a practice already allowed in some German parishes, albeit improperly. The Amazon Synod is being led by prelates (principally Germans) who are proponents of female deacons, if not women-priests. 
Recently, the Jesuit review America published an article bemoaning the fact that lay women aren’t allowed to preach at Mass. The article was written by a woman who was, at one time, allowed to deliver homilies in her parish on a regular basis. The article’s author admitted: “Of the 13 lay preachers in our parish, 12 were women.” Feminization anyone? The article also notes that Archbishop Rembert Weakland readily allowed lay women and lay men to deliver sermons during Mass, somehow omitting the fact that Rembert was disowned by his own diocese for his notorious homosexual affairs. (Read more.)

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